The 2017 Blogger's Planner of Kickassery!


Simplify & See the Big Picture

In an A.D.D. business world, it's a daily struggle to get and STAY organized! Between branding, communication, getting to know your customer, planning your media and marketing, and even figuring your core product...many business's fail simply because they don't know which way to turn first.  

What's included in the planner? 

In late 2016, I decided to get my digital act together and create a planner that would keep ALL of my business basics in one place. 

Knowing Your Brand

How to polish your brand and create a lasting impression across all platforms.

Knowing Your Customer

Who is your ideal customer, and how do you connect with what they NEED. 

Find Your Writing Style

How do you find a style that resonates throughout your posts, emails and products? 

Planning Your Posts

How to write, edit and polish posts that lead to fans and sales.

Planning Your Promos

Promote your downloads and products in a way your readers will recognize! 

Writing Your Newsletter

Write engaging content that will get opened in more inboxes! 

Your Product Launch

Launching a product, by definition, is organizing every cog of your business to increase sales. This calendar will walk you through it! 

Your Goals

None of this matters if you haven't set your goals in business!! Here, I'll walk you through creating your sign up, monetary, and business goals. 


What can you achieve with this planner of kickassery?

Look, I didn't create this planner so that you can get your ENTIRE business polished, spit shined and running like magic while you run off into the forest to dance with the woodland elves. There will ALWAYS be problems in your business. Small business is a challenge...and if you accept that challenge, you accept the imperfections of your small business baby. 

What you CAN spit shine and master, however, are the basics. The foundations of your business that keep the bigger cogs working as quirkless as possible. THAT is what this planner was created for. Without the foundation, you simply don't HAVE a business. 


About the Author

Terra Dawn has been in the blogging world for over 15 years!!! After trudging through years of doing something she absolutely hated, she finally landed in Oz in early 2016 when she created Uncork Your Dork. 

She spends her days, now focusing on writing, creating challenges and courses, and helping small business bloggers find happiness in the blogosphere! 

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